About Us

Your luggage is packed for an international experience and among your personal stuff you put a whole bunch of questions about the: country, people, language, culture, new University or job and, the most important, accommodation… Are you ready for the challenge?

Finding accommodation in an unknown country is the first step of this adventure and could be the most difficult one if you don’t understand the language or if you don’t know the market. Let us take care of it!

One former Erasmus student with work experience in the International Relations Office of two Portuguese Universities realized that finding a new home it might not be as easy as it seems. She took her own issues and all the problems she encountered during her search and started a new project designed to help all the students struggling out there. She established connections with people from all over the world and, for a better Portuguese insight she teamed up with a property manager in Porto. And like this came up Student at Home®

We will use our best efforts to facilitate your stay and find a place you could call home.

Here, at Student at Home, finding you the perfect place to stay for the next months is not just a job but it is our way to take part of your great adventure and make sure that all will be awesome!”

Simona & José